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Sound Primary School,
United Kingdom

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Telephone Number:
(01595) 744982

Mrs A-M Angus

Depute Head Teacher:
Mrs C Nicol (Early Years)
Mrs G McCulloch(P4-7)



Welcome to Sound School Parent Council Hello

We plan to use this webpage as a means to keeping in contact with you. You can view minutes and agendas of meetings by clicking on the links below or access other pieces of information, often issued by external bodies, which may be of interes to you. We will also make available our newsletters and any other items we think may be of interest to you as they arise. Please remember we are here to represent you, the parents of Sound School, and we are alway keen to hear your comments and suggestions.

Members - from August 2018

Mrs Karen Grieve Parent Member Early Years
Mrs Anya Cheatle Parent Member P1
Mrs Laureen Johnston Parent Member P2
Miss Dawn Manson Parent Member P3
Mrs Elaine Smith Parent Member P4
Mrs Susan Menary Parent Member P5
Mrs Lesley Spence Parent Member P6
Mrs Lois Paul Parent Member P7
Mr Andrew Preacher Co-opt Member  
Mrs Clare Anderson Staff Representative  
Mrs Ann-Marie Angus Advisor  
Debbie Main Clerk and Treasurer  
Cllr Peter Campbell Local Councillor  

Parent Council Meeting Dates 2018 2019

Day Date Time Place
Tuesday 26 February 2019 5.30pm Sound Primary School


CfE Factfile - 3-18 Transitions CfE Factfile 3-18 Transitions PDF 790KB
CfE Factfile - Changes to SQA Qualifications CfE Parents Leaflet SQA PDF 376KB
CfE Factfile - Assessment and Qualifications CfE Factfile Assessment and Quals PDF 345KB
CfE Factfile - Background and Benefits CfE Factfile Background and Benefits PDF 346KB
CfE Factfile - Parents as Partners CfE Factfile Parents as Partners PDF 520KB
CfE Factfile - Secondary Experience CfE Factfile Secondary Experience PDF 356KB
CfE Factfile - Supporting Learners CfE Factfile Supporting Learners PDF 484KB
CfE Factfile - Health & Wellbeing CfE Factfile Health and Wellbeing PDF 406KB

As you will all be aware, the Council is under considerable pressures to reduce its spending, and education is no expection to that. The Parent Council are trying to support the school in a range of fund raising activities. Earlier on this year we sent a flier home asking parents to register with the easyfundraising website ( to raise funds for the school. This is free and very simple to use. If you register with easyfundraising you can use it to shop with over 2000 well-known retailers like Amazon, M&S, eBay, John Lewis, and many more, and whenever you buy something, the retailer donates a percentage of what has been spent to the school (e.g. Amazon donates up to 2.5%) without it costing you any extra. 


Agenda 15 May 2018 20180515 agenda
Agenda 14 February 2018 20180214 agenda
Agenda 15 November 2017 20171115 agenda
Agenda 23 March 2017 20170323 Agenda
Agenda 12 January 2017 20170112
AGM Agenda 12 January 2017 20170112 AGM Agenda

Minutes Hammer

Minute from 19 March 2018 20180319 minute
Minute from 15 November 2017 20171115 minute
Minute from 19 June 2017 20170619 minute
Minute from 23 March 2017 20170323 minute
Minute from 12 January 2017 20170112 Minute
Minute from AGM 12 January 2017 20170112 AGM Minute


Parental Involvement Act 2006

Parent Council Toolkit Parent Council Toolkit
Parent Council Welcome Pack Parent Council Welcome Pack
Parent Council Act Guidance Parent Involvement Act Guidance

Information IconLeaflets/Information etc

The Purpose and Role of Parent Councils PDF
Information for Parent Council Members PDF
Volunteer Helpers in School Policy PDF
Blueprint for Education September Parent update Sept 09 PDF
Healthy Choices PDF
Homework PDF
Out of School Learning PDF
Personal Learning Planning PDF
Sharing Information PDF
Starting a New School Year PDF




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