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Sound Primary School,
United Kingdom

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Telephone Number:
(01595) 744982

Mrs A-M Angus

Depute Head Teacher:
Mrs C Nicol (Early Years)
Mrs G McCulloch(P4-7)



Letter AnimationLetters for Parents/Guardians


To Title
06/11/2017 P1/2 Parents/Carers Active Schools Zumba Kids Club for P1 and P2
03/11/2017 Parents/Carers of Netball League Participants Winter Netball League Training and Fixtures 17 18
03/11/2017 P7 Parents/Carers P7 World War Walk
01/11/2017 7A Parents/Carers 7A Staffing Changes Nov 2017
01/11/2017 6B Parents/Carers 6B Staffing Changes Nov 2017
01/11/2017 2A Parents/Carers 2A Staffing Changes Nov 2017
31/10/2017 P7 Parents/Carers Second Payment Letter for Edinburgh Trip 2018
26/10/2017 P7 Parents/Carers P7 Halloween Helper Letter
26/10/2017 P1-3 Parents/Carers Halloween Party Nov 17
05/10/2017 All Parents/Carers End of Term 1 Session 2017 2018
18/09/2017 Parents/Carers of Netball Training Participants Netball Winter League Training 17 18
18/09/2017 P1-7 Parents/Carers Reporting calendar 2017-18
11/09/2017 All Parents/Carers Shoebox Appeal 2017
08/09/2017 All Parents/Carers Sound Primary School 40th Anniversary Fair
08/09/2017 P2A Parents/Carers P2A Class Walk Sept 17
08/09/2017 P7 Parents/Carers P7 Bible Exhibition 11 Sept 17
06/09/2017 P7 Parents/Carers P7 Library Club 2017
01/09/2017 P1 Parents/Carers P1 Full Day Attendance
31/08/2017 All Parents/Carers Parent Council Letter Term 1 2017 2018
31/08/2017 All Parents/Carers INTERSPORT SCHOOL UNIFORM ORDER FORM 2017
31/08/2017 All Parents/Carers Information for Parents and Carers Session 2017 2018
31/08/2017 All Parents/Carers Welcome to Session 2017 2018
25/08/2017 P7 Parents/Carers P7 Parents Meeting Aug 17
21/08/2017 P7 Parents/Carers P7 Outdoor Education Days August 17
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