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Contact Information

Sound Primary School,
United Kingdom

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Telephone Number:
(01595) 744982

Mrs A-M Angus

Depute Head Teacher:
Mrs C Nicol (Early Years)
Mrs G McCulloch(P4-7)



Our School

All our year groups from P1 to P7 are split into two classes, A and B. Classes start at 9.00am, finishing at 3.00pm.

Islesburgh Out of School Club collect children attending their club directly from school.

We have two early years classes which cater for pre-school children. Our morning session has a soft start time which means you can drop off your child anytime between 8.40am and 9.10am and finishes at 11.50am. The afternoon session starts at 12.40pm and has a soft finish time which means you can pick your child up anytime between 3.25 and 3.50pm.

Sound School Values and Aims

We believe that for education to be successful there must be a partnership between home, school and the wider community and we are constantly striving to improve this partnership. Every child in school is important and we aim to provide opportunities for all children to reach their full potential in a safe, stimulating and happy environment. Our school motto is "Dö dy best in aathing and lee-lang laer will be dy hansel" (Do your best in everything and lifelong learning will be your gift).

We can ask no more if pupils and staff within our school are doing their best. We value all kinds of success, not just academic achievement, and place an important value on the school being inclusive. We place great worth in team effort, which encompasses mutual respect, from all members of our school community.

Sound School’s aspiration is for all pupils to develop their capacities as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society and at work, as embodied in the Scottish Government’s national initiative for all schools, “A Curriculum for Excellence.”

Pupil Council

Sound Primary School has a Pupil Council which allows pupils to voice their opinions and to work with staff on any matters causing concern or where they believe improvements can be made. More information is available on our Pupil Council page (currently still under construction).

Parent Council

The Parent Council is made up of parent members, co-opt member and an advisor and are regularly attended by local Councillors. The Parent Council meets approxiately seven times per year. More information is available on our Parent Council page.

Links with other Professionals

Sound School has close links with other Council departments and the local health service. Visiting professionals see children in school for speech therapy, health and dental screening. Prior notification is given to parents. We also liase with other professionals such as those from the behaviour support unit, educational psychology or social work in order that together we support the all round development of all children, where some specialist assistance or intervention is benefical.

Our Staff

Head Teacher: Mrs A-M Angus

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs G McCulloch (P4-P7)

Depute Head Teacher: Mrs C Nicol (ELCC-P3)

School Roll - 271 (August 2018)

ELCC - 60

Primary Classes



Mrs A Leask


Mrs M Redman


Mrs L Stockan / Mrs EGoodlad


Miss A Clubb / Mrs N Baxter


Miss R Simpson / Mrs N Baxter


Ms K Morris


Mrs C Anderson / Mrs V Grant


Ms J Hutchison


Mrs L Hunter


Miss D Stewart


Mrs G Sjoberg


Miss H Thomson


Mrs M Nisbet


Mrs L Anderson


Support for Learning

Mrs S Nicholson

Support for Learning Mrs J Abernethy
Support for Learning Ms K Towers


Mrs L Ritchie


Mrs L Evans

ELC Teacher (Mon-Wed)

Mrs J Townshend ELC Senior Practioner
Mrs M Brown ELC Practioner
Mrs L Scott ELC Practioner
Mrs S Kerr ELC Support Worker
Mrs A Reid ELC Support Worker
Miss L Mainland ELC Support Worker
Miss G Hunter Learning Support Worker


Visiting Staff:


Mrs F Burr-Bloomer

Art & Design

Mrs L Stockan

Art & Design

Miss M Simpson Music
Miss K Jamieson Music
Mrs A Irvine

Cello / Violin

Mr P Wood Accordion
Ms J Darke


Ms P Wiseman Fiddle / Piano
Mrs M Peterson Piano
Mr S Hook Guitar
Mr E Watt Drums


Support Staff:

Miss E Gray Learning Support Worker P/T

Mrs K Robertson

Learning Support Worker P/T

Ms A Nisbet

Learning Support Worker P/T

Mrs I Nicolson

Learning Support Worker P/T

Miss D Wiseman Learning Support Worker P/T
Mrs L Ryder Learning Support Worker P/T

Miss L Smith

Learning Support Assistant P/T

Mrs C Henry

Learning Support Assistant P/T

Mrs E Smith Learning Support Assistant P/T

Mr C Redfern



Mrs L Leask

Clerical Assistant P/T Term Time

Mrs J Taylor

Clerical Assistant P/T Term Time


Miss L Hay

Auxiliary P/T

Mrs E Smith

Auxiliary P/T


Mrs L Ryder

Crossing Patrol P/T

Mr T Terris Crossing Patrol P/T

Miss L Smith

Supervisory Asst P/T

Mrs D Fraser Supervisory Asst P/T
Mrs L Paul Supervisory Asst P/T

















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