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Mrs A-M Angus

Depute Head Teacher:
Mrs C Nicol (Early Years)
Mrs G McCulloch(P4-7)



Primary 1

P1A - Mrs Leask

P1B - Mrs Redman

P1 Curriculum Information - Term 1 - 2018-19


Both P1 classes are now doing a class blog. To view, please click on the following links;

P1A Blog

P1B Blog


P1A - Term 3 2016//17 - Our Learning

The children have been learning about which numbers go together to make 9 and 10. They have been using the large floor mat ten frame and double sided counters to help them practise.


P1A - Term 2 2016/17 - Our Learning

Primary 1a have been getting to know their buddies. We've been sharing reading tasks and learning about numbers.


We've been learning to sequence numbers and have enjoyed using the bibs and numbers to be human number lines.


We've learned all our initial single sounds and are now using them to being blending sounds to read words. P1AP1AP1A

P1B - Term 2 2016/17 - Our Learning

We have been learning about toys this term. We looked at old toys and we interviewed people about toys that they play with a long time ago.

We took in our own toys and did talks to the class about them.

Mrs Moar took in some old toys that she had and we had a look at them. She showed us how the toys worked. We thought that the toys were quite different to some of the toys that we play with.

Toys P1B

We have been doing some Christmas problem solving in maths. We had a competition to see who could make the longest paper chain. We also built Christmas trees using green paper cups.

P1B Cups

We have been learning about shapes in maths this term. We used our bodies to make different 2D shapes.

Floor Shapes P1B

P1B Floor Shapes

P1A - Term 1 2016/17 - Our Learning

If you have any queries regarding the curriculum information, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of our senior staff.


We’ve been learning to recognise and form our initial sounds in P1A.  We have done this in a variety of ways including using the class ipad.

Learning letter formation can be done using pencils, ipads, clay and here Robbie used the construction materials during choosing time. P1A


P1A exploring the school wildlife area on a lovely day in September.  We used our 5 senses to help us discover what was in the area and around about us.


Learning to work co-operatively and share a task in P1A.

P1B - Term 1 2016/17 - Our Learning


We have been learning about all the people who help us in the school. We interviewed them and then painted their pictures. We now know lots about what the adults in the school do.



We have met out buddies from P6b. We have been reading stories together and drawing pictures. It is lovely to have buddies who can help us to get settled in to school. We are looking forward to doing lots of fun learning activities with them as we go through Primary 1.


We enjoy playing in the classroom during choosing time. We get to do lots of different activities like gluing, reading books, painting, using the interactive whiteboard and playing with construction.






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