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Primary 3

P3A - Miss Rebecca Simpson & Mrs Nicola Baxter

P3B - Mrs Karen Morris

P3A Curriculum Information - Term 1 - 2018-19

P3B Curriculum Information - Term 1 - 2018-19

If you have any queries regarding the curriculum information, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of our senior staff.

P3A Class Blog

P3B - Term 4 2016/17 - Our Learning


We have been learning about what Shetland life was like 150 years ago.  We know there were lots of different crofts all around Shetland.  We have loved creating our own vegetable plot at school, just like crofts would have had. 

P3B  P3B

First we had to make sure there were no weeds so that our crops could grow well.


Next we created drills for our tatties and finally we planted our seed tatties, carrot, neep and kale seeds. 

P3B   P3B

They won’t be ready until we are in primary 4 but we will be kept busy with watering and weeding until then.  It’s hard work being a crofter!   P3BP3B

P3A - Term 3 2016/17 - Our Learning

Please click on the following link to see what P3A has been up to during term 3;

P3A - Term 3 2016-17 - Our Learning

P3B - Term 3 2016/17 - Our Learning

P3b love learning about Vikings

In term 3 we have been busy learning about Vikings.  We started our Viking topic celebrating Up Helly Aa.   We really enjoyed our visit from the Junior and Senior Jarl squad.  P3B 

We especially liked the Jarl Squads suits and helmets as they were very similar to what real Vikings would have worn.


We even created a beautiful Viking longship.  On Up Helly Aa day we paraded around the school showing everyone our Viking longship, helmets and shields.


P3BWe have learned about traditional Viking clothing and what Vikings did in everyday life.  Mr Renwick visited us dressed as a Viking.  He showed us artefacts that have been found in Shetland by archaeologist.  These items explain the foods Vikings ate as well as how they lived.




The Shetland Museum has lots of wonderful Vikings artefacts that have been found in various places around Shetland.  Yvonne Reynolds showed us around the exhibits. 



P3BWe saw lots of wonderful items, such as cooking pots, spindle whorls for spinning wool, weaving, fishing hooks, sinkers used by fishermen, shovels, stakes and other farming equipment, brooches and even a replica of a Viking gravestone.

The gravestone was written using runes. 

It says “in memory of his father Thorbjorn.”


Yvonne showed us examples of typical Viking clothing.  Here are Elliot and Shannon trying on some Viking cloaks which are fastened by a brooch.

P3A - Term 2 2016/17 - Our Learning

We looked at lots of different climates during our topic this term.  We created pictures for our Arid climate using hot colours like red, yellow and orange and used black paper to make silhouette of animals and trees that you might find living in an Arid climate.








While we were learning about the Temperate Climate, we did a science experiment to see which of our snowmen would melt more.  One was wearing a jacket and one wasn’t.  Which do you think melted more?  We used tinfoil for the jacket.  The one on the right was wearing the jacket and the one on the left (that had melted more) wasn’t.  We were very surprised as we thought the jacket would make it warm.  As our parents tell us, “put a jacket on it will keep you warm”.P3A

We created pictures to go with our firework acrostic poems using different colours.P3AP3A


P3A - Term 1 2016/17 - Our Learning

In P3 we had a visit from the Police to talk to us about keeping ourselves safe.  We were allowed to try on some of the equipment.....some of the class were arrested....






We were also luck to have a visit from some Paramedics who showed us how they would look after someone who got hurt.  Luckily Mr Webster was ok at the end of the day to help us cross the road.




We were also very lucky to have Anderson High School students come and teach us more about the Human Body.










P3B - Term 1 2016/17 - Our Learning

Healthy bodies in P3b

We have been busy learning about our bodies and how to keep them healthy.  We can name basic bones in our skeleton and can identify foods which are healthy and unhealthy. 

P3B  P3B  

We were very lucky to receive a visit from S6 pupils at the Anderson and they shared lots of exciting information with us about our skeleton, our brain, our ears and our organs!

P3B  P3B

We had a visit from Angela at Childsmile and she helped us learn about our teeth.  We chewed on special tablets that showed us where the plaque gathered.

P3B  P3B P3B

As part of our topic we have been learning how to keep our bodies safe and what happens in the event of an emergency.

P3B  P3B

Three paramedics came to visit our school and they showed us what they have to do when there is an accident.

P3B  P3B P3B

We have also learned about fire safety.  We even visited Nathan’s dad at the Lerwick Fire Station.  P3B

His team showed us how to keep our homes safe and the equipment they use in the event of a fire.

















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