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Primary 5

P5A - Mrs Louise Hunter

P5B - Ms Dana Stewart

P5A Curriculum Information - Term 1 - 2018-19

P5B Curriculum Information - Term 1 - 2018-19

If you have any queries regarding the curriculum information, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of our senior staff.

Class Blogs

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P5A Blog - 2017-18

P5A Blog - 2016-17

P5B Blog - 2016-17

P5A - Term 4 2016/17 - Our Learning

Primary 5A had an amazing day out on their class trip.

In the morning we went down to the Quendale Mill and had a great time being shown around by John and completing a scavenger hunt.

After that we went to Bigton playpark which was brilliant. We enjoyed eating our packed lunches in the sun.

Finally, we got back to Lerwick and spent the afternoon at Sands of Sound – some of us got very wet!


P5B - Term 4 2016/17 - Our Learning

This term we are trying to use the outside classroom as much as we can.  It is great to do some exercise, get fresh air and explore our surroundings.  These photos show a recent trip to a burn where we investigated the different kinds of creatures that could be found in the burn.  Mr Rose was on hand to tell us about the different creatures that we found.  It was super fun!

P5A# P5B P5B






P5A - Term 3 2016/17 - Our Learning

We have had a busy term, learning lots with our project – ‘Stories of the Sea. We were very lucky to have a visit from Marian Armitage who ooked mussels, megrim, crab, octopus, scallops and made mackerel pate.

We’ve also been to the museum and Shetland Catch to help us with our topic.

P5B - Term 3 2016/17 - Our Learning

This term our topic in Primary 5 was called, ‘Stories of the Sea.’  It has been a super topic to do as it is so relevant to Shetland.  We have found out about fishing in the past and we have compared it to fishing now.  Visits to the museum and also to Shetland Catch made it all the more interesting.  Sonny’s dad came in to tell us about fishing on the Alison Kay.  He brought in some specimens of fish which we really enjoyed seeing.  Marian Armitage came in to show us how to cook some seafood.  We learned how to prepare and cook crab, stir fry octopus, cook megrim and mussels and how to make mackerel pate.  We also got to have a taste and it was excellent!




P5A - Term 2 2016/17 - Our Learning

We have had a very busy term in P5A this term with our topic Staying Safe. We’ve had visits from Jill Hood (Health Improvement Officer) who spoke about keeping our minds healthy as well as the dangers of alcohol and drugs, as well as a visit from Dogs Against Drugs and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

We also took part in a times table-athon for Children in Need and raised an amazing £203.62 by answering 3761 questions right in one day! Here is a photo of us with our certificates.

With our certificates for completing the challenge!

We have also been busy preparing for Christmas by visiting the church to experience Christmas, learning about advent and celebrating Christmas Jumper Day. We had a great time wearing our festive outfits!


P5B - Term 2 2016/17 - Our Learning

This term Class 5B have been doing a Health topic called Staying Safe. We have found out lots about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy. We have been so lucky to have lots of visitors to the class which has made it all the more interesting.

Dogs Against Drugs visited and we found out that these dogs manage to stop drugs entering into Shetland.


Jill Hood from the NHS came and visited on three separate occasions.She talked firstly about the effect drink can have on the body. Then she talked about the effects of smoking. Lastly she spoke about things we can do to keep our minds healthy.


The paramedics visited with the ambulance and told us a little about their job. They also showed us how to do the recovery position. Ask us how to do it and we can show you!


P5A - Term 1 2016/17 - Our Learning

We have been learning about Space this term. We were lucky to have a visit from Mr Rose with planetarium in Sound Hall. We got to go inside and experience the night sky. Unfortunately it was too dark to take photos inside but we can tell you all about it.

"It was so dark that we couldn’t see when we came in." Peter

"When we went inside we could see the stars. Mr Rose could predict the future of stars as it was a starry night!" Jenson

"It was awesome!" Isaac

"We saw a little red spot moving around" Marc

"Me, Mark, Fraser and James got sore heads from the spinning" Michael

"Inside the planetarium we saw the great bear and little bear. When we went in we saw a red spot and a bright blue spot. The different colours told us how hot the stars were." Jed

"It looks small from the outside but it was really big inside. I fell over in it!" Mark

"It was amazing seeing the star constellations. I really enjoyed hearing the stories!" Erin

"The pictures looked amazing when we could see the constellations" Jenna

I wish we could see it again! – Lauree-Ann


We have also been doing drama with Izzy this term. Here is a photo of us discussing how we will get to Mars to complete our mission. P5A

Finally, we have been revising our French learning this term. Here is a photo of us lined up in birthday order after saying our birthday months in French to check we were right.



P5B - Term 1 2016/17 - Our Learning

This term we have been doing lots of different activities for our Space topic.

P5BWe used Oreo biscuits to show the different phases of the moon.  It was great fun and we got to eat ones after too.





Izzy Swanson visited our class to do some Space Drama.  We were on a mission to Mars.  We had to imagine all the jobs that would have to be done on the spaceship and we talked about all the dangers that we might face.





P5BMr Rose came in each week and told us all about the Solar System.  At the end of the term he brought in the planetarium.  This was brilliant as we could see the different constellations.


We made clay models of aliens which we painted in bright colours.















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