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Primary 7

P7A - Mrs Sjoberg

P7B - Mrs Nisbet

P7 Curriculum Informaiton - Term 1 - 2017 18

P7A Curriculum Information - Term 2 - 2017-18

P7B Curriculum Information - Term 2 - 2017-18

P7A Curriculum Information - Term 3 - 2017 18

P7B Curriculum Information - Term 3 - 2017-18

P7 Curriculum Information - Term 4 - 2017 18

If you have any queries regarding the curriculum information, please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or a member of our senior staff.


P7B - Term 4 2016/17 - Our Learning

10th May 2017

This morning P7 were visited by Morrison Construction.  They dropped by to tell us a little bit more about their project, the new Anderson High build.

The team explained what their jobs are and the many other career opportunities there are in construction.

Pupils were given the chance to create their own constructions, the aim being to make them as strong as possible. 



9th May 2017

Primary 7B recently enjoyed an amazing Outdoor Education day at Quendale.

The group set out in the morning to take a rocky journey, exploring the shape and texture of the rocks all around.   Pupils even spotted an iron whale!

At the end of the day pupils were tired but happy, after much rock scrambling.


This term P7b have been exploring energy.

P7 pupils enjoying the recent visit from SMART GRID who explored the different between renewable and non-renewable energy sources.


Pupils exploring kinetic energy


As part of their energy topic pupils have been exploring different types of energy.  Here they create solar ovens to harness energy form the Sun.



P7B - Term 3 2016/17 - Our Learning

Primary 7b have recently enjoyed a fantastic outdoor experience with Pete Richardson and the outdoor education team.

The day started off at the store where the class were kitted out in waterproofs and wellies, ready for the day.

Later primary 7 were taken to Kergord Wood to explore the forest.  A fantastic day of den building and snaking amongst the trees was topped off with a cosy lunch around the open fire.


Recently the Shetland dogs against drugs team paid a visit to Sound Primary 7.  They told us ways we can help to keep ourselves and others safe.


P7A - Term 3 2016/17 - Our Learning

We have enjoyed doing African Drumming this term.



We really enjoyed visiting Bells Brae Primary School for the Up Helly Aa Hop. We were able to put to use the Shetland Dancing we have been busy learning!



At the start of this term we were learning Shetland Dancing in the gym hall.

Shetland DancingShetland DancingShetland Dancing

Shetland DancingShetland DancingShetland Dancing

We met with our buddies to do an Up Helly Aa craft! We did Viking long ships!

Our buddies chose a background colour and some black coloured card and then we cut out a big Viking ship on the black card! We cut up half of the ship to make it like a reflection!


They ended up looking great! I think our buddies really enjoyed it!


On the 12th of January P7a went down to meet their P2 buddies to listen to their reading. We went into two groups and they read their books to us! They were really good at reading and we were really impressed. After they had read we asked them some questions about the book to see if they remembered the book and we also asked questions about their Christmas Holidays! Once they had told us about the holidays we had to get ready so they could go for lunch. It was really fun meeting our buddies again and now we have buddy time nearly every Thursday afternoon! 



On the 26th of January we got to see our buddies and we made some Vikings for Up Helly Aa. What we had to do is we had to find our buddies and find some scraps out of paper. Then we had to get a paper circle for the face and a tube of paper for the body. After we did that the buddies had to draw a face on the circle. Then we got to put on scraps of paper for his Viking helmet, his cape and his clothes. They made the helmets with a shiny material. Once we had finished we got to play with our buddies using some construction toys. It was really great fun and we can’t wait for next buddy time to see our buddies again!



P7 - Term 2 2016/17 - Our Learning

P.E. with Mrs Murray


During term 2 P7 did P.E with Mrs Murray! We did ball games such as basketball, rugby, football, handball and skills to help us with these games.

On the first week with Mrs Murray we wrote down skills that we used in the games like, coordination, throwing, catching, cooperation, teamwork, communication, e.t.c


On the second week we did handball. We did throwing drills and they also helped us catch. We learned to communicate and use teamwork.

On the third and fourth week we did rugby. We learnt how to throw the rugby ball properly and how you should catch it. We were able to show each other some cool rugby tricks.


On the fifth week we did football and we did passing drills and close touch drills. We only did this for one week.

On the sixth week we did basketball. We were doing dribbling drills and she told us to keep low while dribbling so you get more control. At the end we did games, the games had no contact but were good fun.

That was our block with Mrs Murray and we learned loads about possession games!







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